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BNIA Profile

About BNIA

BNIA for Real Estate Investments

BNIA company has been operating in the Egyptian market since 2005 in the services fields, especially digital solutions. Thanks to this field, which contributed to the spread us in other countries, along with our credibility and good reputation with our clients, which contributed to the growth of the BNIA company. It now has branches and representatives in different countries. Now BNIA works in the field of real estate investment mainly including its various fields.

The BNIA has diverse expertise in various fields, with the latest modern technologies of the age. Therefore, the company is diversified in its team of knowledge in various qualifications and cultures to meet all requirements competently and brilliantly, and in accordance with the latest systems and modern technologies.

The BNIA is interested in qualifying your investment success from the beginning of the activity from the investment idea/scratch, feasibility study, investment, finding a sponsor or partner, establishing a project or company, commercial consulting, financial support and sharing, creating and installing digital and smart solutions, providing maintenance and finishes for your property, and managing your entity, according to the size. Your activity. In addition, we are ready to put our real estate development projects at your fingertips.

In addition, we are putting the highest level of advertising and marketing for you. We start with you from the beginning of the design of the Logo and Brochures for your brand name, until full operation of your business with full stability and maintain your legal rights, to ensure the success of your entity the best quality possible to enable your organization to obtain ISO certification.

For this reason, we have launched a platform called “ISCAAN” that is available on the Internet and a mobile application on iOS and Android systems that contributes to the field of real estate marketing.

The import and export service is supported and we do it in order to provide all your needs. We make all your trading and business needs available and at your fingertips. Your success is our goal.

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