About Digital Technology Company

Company profile

We are a digital Technology company, a leader company in solutions, services, investment, software for different sectors of companies and organizations.

Digital Technology company established in 2005, with the experiences and professional with characterized applications, and systems. Our services characterized by matching all the needs of our homeland in the world.

The company has diverse expertise in various fields related to the computer, which is the machine of the age. Therefore, the company is diversified in its team of knowledge in various qualifications and cultures to meet all requirements in competently and brilliantly, and accordance with the latest systems and modern technologies.

The company is interested in qualifying your investment success from the beginning of the activity to the highest level of advertising and marketing. We start with you from the beginning of the design of the Logo and Brochures for your brand name, until developing an electronic system manages your entity, according to the quality of your activity, to legal registration of your software and products and websites on the Internet officially, to maintain your legal rights, to ensure the success of your entity the best quality possible to enable your organization to obtain ISO certification, access to marketing and advertising professionally.

Also, We specialize in the application systems of Hotels, Banks, Hospitals, Universities and Malls

The company's first light in the field of web design and web hosting for websites. this fields which helped our company to spread rapidly throughout the Arab world in particular. The company has clients from Russia, India to Morocco, Britain, and America. Most of its customers were from Egypt.

Why did you choose us to support you?

Expert and Professional Staff.

Our team has high professional qualifications.

Team's company is characterized by the ability to communicate well with customers, a good understanding of their requirements, and then the ability to create applications suitable for each client according to the needs and nature of his work.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity in keeping with the latest technology

We are characterized by continuous development and creativity, where our programs are easy and flexible to absorb everything that is new and urgent where the development considerations are placed in the early stages of design and thus the programs can be expanded at any stage in the future in response to the requirements of the market continuously renewable.

Company fields

  • Create applications & systems for companies.
  • Design & Develop websites
  • Create handheld devices applications (Android, iOS)
  • Electronic marketing & selling
  • Hardware, Electronic devices, and accessories
  • Technical Support & Consulting