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Someof our products:

Attendance & Payroll
Program to track the movement of attendance, departure. It calculates the wages and salaries, tax, insurance, bonuses, penalties, permits and leave.
Smart Accounting
Chart of Accounts, General Ledger, cost centers, settlements, multiple currencies, currency exchange restrictions, Financial Centers, Review balance report, Trading Account Report, cash flows, income statement, and closing reports.
Hotel management system
Bookings, Management, Sales, Procurement, Marketing, Accounting & Financial Management, Human resources Management, System of Hotel Operations, and Full Hotel solutions.
Human Resources (HR)
That program archives all of the employee data. Such as documents, salary movement, promotions, applicants for employment, and different types of insurances.
Electronic Archives
That program serves to archive all documents of all branches, sectors, and departments, for all employees and customers, and can be retrieved and printed that documents at any time..
Idam Restauran
That program supports billing, cashier screen, kitchen screen, ordering and pilots, production cost and final reports.
BigStore Application for stores and stocks
Grouped Item & Goods, Clients, Vendors, Invoices, Stock, Stores, stores Reports, financial reports.
Assign tasks (ToDo)
That Program is to assign tasks between managers and employees. it featured by: follow-up tasks, evaluations, attach documents, and notifications by e-mail and SMS.
Quality Management
For large companies that aspire to obtain quality certificates ISO, can archive the company's internal correspondence and organization of work and tasks.
Electronic Gates
Clubs and public places that need track accessing of gates for their members. It is important to apply this integrated system with its electronic accessories in your place.

Why did you choose us to support you?

Expert and Professional Staff.

Our team has high professional qualifications.

Team's company is characterized by the ability to communicate well with customers, a good understanding of their requirements, and then the ability to create applications suitable for each client according to the needs and nature of his work.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity in keeping with the latest technology

We are characterized by continuous development and creativity, where our programs are easy and flexible to absorb everything that is new and urgent where the development considerations are placed in the early stages of design and thus the programs can be expanded at any stage in the future in response to the requirements of the market continuously renewable.

Company fields

  • Create applications & systems for companies.
  • Design & Develop websites
  • Create handheld devices applications (Android, iOS)
  • Electronic marketing & selling
  • Hardware, Electronic devices, and accessories
  • Technical Support & Consulting