Smart Accounting Application

General Features

  • The software works on all operating systems. Such as Windows, Linux, Unix, and Macintosh etc. also, the software is Applicable to work on handheld devices such as Mobiles and Tablets (e.g., iPhone, Android).
  • The software may be running on other operating systems as a custom agreement.
  • Software's main database is an Oracle or MySQL, as a suitable choice for your company.
  • The software is running on a local network, and it can run in the cloud (web application), so you can work anywhere, anytime and connect your branches together.
  • muli-location inventory management.
  • No training required; fast setup and easy actions
  • Support unlimited branches
  • Accept unlimited user's
  • Multilanguage
  • The Combination of the software with our other application is available.
  • Reports are shareable. they can send to Emails and SMS.
  • All Reports is
  • Ability to export Reports in PDF, Word, HTML, etc. formats.
  • Our support is available in 24/7./li>
  • The software is secure with multiple levels. Secure connections, with 256-bit encryption.
  • The application has a plugin for tracking and monitoring for spying on the software's users usages.
  • Barcode is supported.
  • Support Gregorian and Umm-Al Qura Calendars.
  • Automatic integrated backup

Application Specifications

  • Multiple currencies such as United state dollars USD, Egyptian pounds (EGP) and Multiple currencies supported such as $ United state dollars (USD), £ Egyptian pounds (EGP), € Euros (EUR), and Indian Rupee (INR). uptime exchange rate is available with uptime exchange rates. Fixed exchange rates are supported too as an additional option too.Euros (EU).يعمل البرنامج على عملات متعددة ويتعرف عليها تلقائيا، كما يمكنه العمل على سعر موحد لتحويل العملة أو يمكن توجيه البرنامج بتحديث قيمة العملة تلقائيا.
  • Chart of accounts is supported tree with multiple levels without limitation.
  • Daily restrictions
  • Automatically record recurring orders and invoices
  • Exchange rate restrictions
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Centers (for expenses and revenues)
  • Includes unlimited customizable invoicing and receipt scanning, too
  • General Account Movement Report
  • Income Statement (Profit & Loss statement) shows how your business has performed
  • Review Balance Report
  • Trading Account Report
  • Balance Sheet shows your current assets and liabilities
  • Financial reports help prepare your tax returns quickly
  • Possibility of creating special closing reports, such as: cash flow, income statement, etc.
  • The possibility of creating special closing reports, financial centers and their relationship to expenses and revenues (elements) automatically according to the design of the user.
  • Ability to review reports in any currency or all currencies.
  • The program is characterized by tracking of directory errors and wrongs of restrictions to guide the accountant to discover balance errors.

Why did you choose us to support you?

Expert and Professional Staff.

Our team has high professional qualifications.

Team's company is characterized by the ability to communicate well with customers, a good understanding of their requirements, and then the ability to create applications suitable for each client according to the needs and nature of his work.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity in keeping with the latest technology

We are characterized by continuous development and creativity, where our programs are easy and flexible to absorb everything that is new and urgent where the development considerations are placed in the early stages of design and thus the programs can be expanded at any stage in the future in response to the requirements of the market continuously renewable.

Company fields

  • Create applications & systems for companies.
  • Design & Develop websites
  • Create handheld devices applications (Android, iOS)
  • Electronic marketing & selling
  • Hardware, Electronic devices, and accessories
  • Technical Support & Consulting